Saturday, April 17, 2010
miniscule @ 21:57

I just have been returned from my Uncle's house in Tangerang this noon to get an agreement from Mum's eldest brother regarding her decision to be divorced. It's been fitted up that she will be standing still to end their marriage to the court soon enough due to Dad's unhealed and unstoppable habit, and that she won't decline it nor give him another chance, and........ Frankly, how could I feel just absolutely plain and rigid like it's actually nothing?

Is it purely because I'm already used to the drama?

Anyway, relating to the stuff I recently just have been listening into, WOW at the awesome bridge + danceable/catchy/synth-y LOVE IS DEAD, WOW at the growls/screams + heavy guitars and Tsukasa's cool drumming + oldies style soundings on WEDICINE, and WOOW at the chorus + melodic section with piano on the background + the whole kickass-ness on CROSSED ARROWS; I'm pretty much liking their fresh outcomes though it might be still not comparable to Mirror and Coll:set, yet definitely better than any other single since then. Hoorraaay to D'espairsRay's LOVE IS DEAD for rocking the socks off and showing diversity!