Friday, April 30, 2010
protoplasm. @ 00:19

..is still struggling with the last part of DEATHGAZE's BLOODY ALL LOVERS Live DVD to be finished in after suffering within 11 days, for Megaupload's speed rate in my internet connection is like 10 times slower compared to Mediafire and the file itself is split into 13 part with 700 MB per each, while watching the rest of K-ON!'s episode and drinking frut 'en veg'.

Anyway, thank you very much, Hafidz, for an enjoyable chats we've randomly had on Facebook with quite a loads of topics spread from Sengoku Basara, love simulation games, zodiacs, J. K. Rowling's stuffs, perspectives, 20th Century Boys, opposite sex relationship, a slice of life, Oxford Dictionary, up until tagging me your breakthrough tankoubon you posted at Kaskus and asking how's life been doing lately in the beginning of our chat; thank you. I'm basically boring, y'know, so I really am sorry if you find me being awkwardly silent in the middle of the conversation or way too often in averting the topics I deemed a bit sensitive. You are really nice, pal, I'm glad that we could be friends.

And in addition, since I postponed, I'm sure we'll someday meet as senior-junior in this year's PDKT though we're in a different departments. I wonder if you really applied to be the member of the committee... How fucked would I be?