Thursday, May 06, 2010
for fear of repercussion. @ 07:33

...-OZ-'s Viridian is pretty excellent. Nothing really mind-blowing, then again; but aside the quality production that is a whole lot better than before, this single is really pleasing compared to the plain dull and boring Wisteria, particularly with their decision to not using their repetitive-sound trademark on their heavier Protect:Code and Blackout and to put a ballad as an A-side track, which is admittedly rare.

Anyway, I'm currently drugged to a bunch of oldschool Nagoya Kei bands with distinctive basslines like Laputa, Kuroyume, La'Mule, Lamina, tosinn, Vizell, ROUAGE, babysitter, Blast, GULLET, Silver~Rose, Kein, Galruda, berry, Merry Go Round, D'elsquel, Deadman, FANATIC◇CRISIS, Madeth Gray'll, emmuréé, Sleep my Dear, Black:List, eight, Sugar, Catheline, Gemmik, HYBRID-ZOMBIEZ and フォービア, though it's seemed to be pretty hard to find their real complete releases anywhere [including Limited Live Dist. CD, Demo Tape, V.A./Omnibus, Best-Of Albums and even their singles/EPs/albums, sadly] since all of them have been disbanding for long ago, despite their awesome talent, and so it became a tad rare--specially Silver~Rose, of which I merely got an album upped by revenge&respite entitled 'Labyrinth ~Meikyuu~' in 160 kb/s bitrate. ;w; I even managed to only have a half [8 out of 15] discography of フォービア which was out in between 1997 to 2000 [Phobia (Demo Tape), 懺悔喪失, 静寂ナル嘆キ, 方舟の予言者, 妄想ノ虜,『傷』, カウンセリングplus an album called 'Materiel of Utopia' (2001)], all thanks to marshmallowjuru@LJ and inugami, Black=Right, akri and Entreri at TW for being so kind by responding my PM and re-uploading their stuffs. +infinity karma to all of you, guys; Nagoya Kei completely pwned all!