Saturday, May 01, 2010
I forgot it that today is Saturday. @ 08:57

Do you guys still remember that it's been a year since that TOEFL test we had at March? Or a year since the awaited National Exams we passed at April?

Yes, everyone, it's been a year since we shared our deepest hopes, stories, wishes and opinions in front of the bonfire on a midnight--convincing each other to walk faithfully towards the future without forgetting where we all came from and whom were we fighting with at a villa at May. And a year, too, since our school's Graduation Day. Since we hugged the teachers with a bitter smile lingering our face; Since the very last time I met Saicchi without telling him anything.

It's a year, everyone. 365 days. 52 weeks, 12 months, and it also does be a year that I swallowed every single days in it without moving and seeing the future we dreamed together of which you all have been undoubtedly seen with bright eyes. Now that you're a big leap apart in front of me, what should I do to reach you?

I regret it that recalling the days always makes me drowning beyond the old ones. And I regret it that I remember that the month has changed.

Pretty much alike with what non-workers usually get troubled with, isn't it.