Sunday, May 02, 2010
if you're gonna attract people with sodomy, at least be a bit less subtle. @ 07:24

Dear respectful Joe Johnston,

I knew you won't be reading this entry, and I knew you won't bother paying attention. More prominently, I knew that this is helplessly pointless, but there are actually a few questions I had to ask you for the sake of unleashing my curiosity.

First of all, take note that I don't demand you to direct a somewhat spectacular, fundamentally serious movie with an epic battles between the chosen and vigilantes and realistically psychological-approaches similar to DC Comics' and Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight/Batman Begins; considering your track record and that the closest that Marvel had achieved was by far in the level of Sam Raimi's Spiderman 2 and Jon Favreau's Iron Man, and other than that with higher density is a bit unlikely redeemed. Second, please understand that I didn't aim nothing at all but to ask you this:

why does it has to be Chris Evans who will be portraying Steve Rogers in the first depiction of Captain of America? Not that he doesn't fit in it, Sir, though I still think that Sam Worthington or Channing Tatum could've been done better. Well, at least that was what I saw on IMDb's page which its link was given on TW's shoutbox by Jake; no idea if it's a mere fake article. And if it's true, aren't you aware of failing, for Chris Evans used to be known for his role as Johnny 'The Human Torch' Storm and BOTH The Human Torch and Captain of America are legally Marvel's? What I feel spraging is, how would he possibly be able to make it when they were supposed to be united in The Superheroes Alliance/The Avengers if they shared the exact same physical features?

I know that this is WAY unfathomable, however, but the nearest logic will probably be you pushing them--who didn't even know nor realize each others presences and wasn't even connected, and there's no proof saying they were a company--as separated siblings since one made his way to be a jarhead while another one was a spoiled, attention-seeker playboy who is also a brother of Susan 'The Invisible Girl' Storm, no?

There's no need to answer, Mr. Johnston; cause aside its zero possibility, I'll prefer to watch how you'll be proving the huge doubts and expectations from fans worldwide and see whether or not you fail. What is gotten fairly interesting is that this project seemed to be underrated, IMO, when it comes to the fact that Sebastian Stan took a major role as James Barnes and that Chace Crawford was also ever rumored to be the lead character, and that both were simultaneously starring Gossip Girl and the generic The Covenant, LOL. The highschooler-drama boys and witch-ancestors is eyeing a serious movement, huh?

Anyway, off the topic, I still don't get it why lots of people love to fuss about エゴis≒徒's Rouis and Hasune's love life and going 'KYAAA!' or 'SO SWEEEET! 8(>////<)8' or whatsoever the likes when they see the guys hugging/kissing/going shopping together since they are dating. A friend of mine said that they're SOO lovely and kept on recommending me to have their stuffs, although I have already acquired that I've been listening to one of their track, Period, and truth is that their music is too average; but she annoyingly insisted that they are great. =_____=" The fuck, let's just admit that 85% of their appeal is them being so gay. *throws toxic sewage waters