Monday, May 17, 2010
she even dyed her hair a striking red before going. @ 21:52

Jaume Collet-Sera's Orphan was terrifyingly good and remarkably well-acted, really. The movie was dark, edgy, clever, intense, twisting, thrilling and shocking; and it was by far better than the floppy House of Wax' remake for Isabelle Fuhrman made her top-notch performance as a violent and hormonal-troubled 33 years old Asylum-patient veiling in a body of charming yet manipulative Russian girl which simply establishes herself as one of the most impressive young talent in the industry. A big salute is also worth bestowing to Aryana Engineer and Vera Farmiga, who was splendidly playing a deaf Maxine and a traumatic mother of which their characters and Fuhrman's would have made the film failed hard if weren't taken care right. Farmiga's been an attention-catcher to me ever since her notable breakthrough in Martin Scorsese's The Departed.

However. Mum has just been leaving to Lembang for her Educational and Training program after buying me and my brother a bunch of household appliances and ready-to-be-served foods [since I'm not that advanced in cooking] which will likely be sufficing our daily needs in a week. Seeing the seemingly adequate amount of money she gave me in case if there's urgent matter or if we're accidentally overspend, I really can't help but wondering how screwed my further life will be.