Friday, May 07, 2010
thus, the way you attempted to win her heart.. @ 20:15

..is by making mum feeling assaulted/threatened or mentally tortured.

Seriously, Dad, please just explain me; why in the heck would you be sending a hazardous texts contained cursing and insulting words which could be categorized as terrors if you're actually still loving her? Why on earth would you be racking the heart of the one you love, while otherwise you must have been protecting and treating her as you're supposed to? And SRSLY, even after mum persisted that she no longer wanted to be your wife, even after WE--I emphasize the plural--explained you that we could never forgive, why does it has to be happened repeatedly that it was so infantile until you seemed to be equally stupid?

Generally speaking, IMHO, it was MUCH less vain than retarded and hopelessly pathetic, honestly.

On another hand, back to the point of where I talked about my already-restored towards Nagoya Kei, I just have been hardly renewing my library with Agnus∻Dei, ºC, Schwein, L'eprica, THE MAD SIMPSON, Da'vid Shito:aL, Missalina Rei, KUSSE, Hurts, Gazelle, Ansinomy, SADS, MEZE and The Studs' complete discography; and huge thanks to Sho for burning me a CD of Phobia, Dummy Children, Silver~Rose, FANATIC◇CRISIS, Merry Go Round, Laputa and Lamina's entire stuffs and promising me to send it directly to home. You are my hero, really. <3