Friday, June 18, 2010
a culminating harlotry. @ 20:51

I seem to forget things really easy lately. :/ vocabularies, specifically; and much to my irrelevance, my HDD is also flooded rapidly as it is increased to 391 GB [June, 2010; not included PVs, live concerts, photos and video comments] from only 15 GB [November, 2009], making me consider to buy a new 1 TB-sized ext. HDD for an extra space. If only I got enough money.

Anyway, fuck it, but today's match's the first time since 1986 that Germany has lost a match in the Group stage of the World Cup, and it goes to show us why we shouldn't get overly excited about the first games of the first round. Germany's 4-0 trouncing of Australia was expected to be the winner against Serbia's 1-0 loss to the unheralded Ghana, pretty easily, but they kept on missing chances amidst Serbia's tight brick-wall defense and the vain attempts were even compounded by--to which resulted them losing--Klose's unjust elimination due to sticking his foot in from behind on Stankovic, right in the middle of the center circle; just less in 10 minutes prior to Jovanovic's scoring. Later on the second half that Podolski's penalty--after Vidic committed a handball--shot was blocked by Stojkovic and that the fucking self-absorbed clown referee who was trying to break a record for most yellow cards [6--2 for Miroslav--in the first half, GAWDDAMMIT] in a match and most sent-off players in the WC kept on bitching the field and that their shots always ended up to no avail up until the time was over, the group is getting even more complicated with Ghana [before its match versus Australia], Germany and Serbia tied up in scores; although I still do hope the latter will make their way against Ghana for going to the next stage.

Even indeed without Miroslav.

Weise zu gehen, der panzer! Bestes des Glücks und der Bemühung auf dem folgenden Spiel!