Tuesday, June 08, 2010
duck getting raped. @ 22:33

Seriously, people; in all seriousness, you know that I certainly won't give a fucking damn towards any unimportant things you might have been fussing around anywhere you lay your brains off.

I don't care with the seemingly trending topic Ariel Peterporn who had been fucking Luna Maya in a hotel room. I don't care with their riotous sex video being deliberately distributed/published through the interwebs. I don't care with Justin Bieber even related to this case, since I don't even know who he is and nor do I care being deemed as a weird, anti-TV freak by not knowing him; as well as I don't know if he's that worthy being cussed over. I don't even care if my father has a widowed-woman as his girlfriend to whom he's nearly completely been harboring with, noising the house by talking to her all night [yes. He stayed over just for tonight cause it was raining outside when he came to give me half of the needed money for my upcoming lecture whilst he was having a huge bruise in his swollen eyes; so Mum, probably after gaining a reluctant permission from my brother, allowed him to sleep in my room.] and asking mum if it's alright for him to marry again; pretty much to her wishes and our ignorance. And for the very last, solemnly, I don't even fucking care if Miku transformed from a nyappy little bitch to a manlier tranny who kinda resembles Jaejoong of TVXQ by that coconut shell cut for his newly formed band, cause despite he sounds like shit due to his poor singing ability, I simply think that his sudden alteration is all because her gf doesn't want to be called a lesbian.

..to hell with all of that.

And on an unrelated, less serious note: happy birthday to DELUHI's Leda, the GazettE's Uruha and Nightmare's Ruka; the three of you. My partially dozed mind tells me that it's already June, 9th in Japan.