Tuesday, June 08, 2010
furtively futile. @ 16:45

I really hate it when random people added me on social networking sites just because I looked cute or pretty on my displayed pictures. And later, much to be really exceptionally ordinary, commented on my profile pictures with "KAWAIII!" or greeted me on the chatbox with certain-aims-concealed-within-sweet-compliments pretty unpleasantly. And then, pretty annoyingly, still insisted to send a request multiple times even after being coldly rebuffed.

And you know that in this case I'm pointing out at boys.

You see, not that I'm not friendly. Not that I'm blindly unaware of all the purpose a social networking site have already had in the very first attempt. Not that I'm haughty; or that I'm only willing to be friends with those with special preferences. I just despise it when people--regardless the fact that both might only be sharing a few mutual, or even no friends, which I don't really care enough as long as he's somewhat... Decent. Or have ever interacted before through random occasions so that he's worth befriending--only befriended with one just because she's fairly good looking without intending to know her better. To know that she's actually not cute. To know that she hates to be called cute, that she actually is not as cute/silly/pretentious as her face might be implying, and furthermore that she'll quickly remove you once she found you're getting even more irritating.

And thus. If you've ever talked to me, even just once; asked me anything that really requires a particularly long explanation, you'll know that I definitely ain't at all.