Sunday, June 13, 2010
a locket emblazoned by green sapphires. @ 14:57

Look at this entry, H; look at me.

Did I ever ask you something, or ask you to lavish your life? Did I, in the very first place, ever ask you to tell me even just a mere slice of your personal life?

Or. Listen to me, and read my words carefully. Don't blink, don't gasp; cause it was always you who came to me anytime you had problem regarding your life; your desperate desire to have a gf, your lecturer, your family, your future vision, your limitations concerning multinational language ability, and even about your friends in the circle and deliberately whined when you felt like you were troubled with it, am I mistaken? It was always you who asked me for solutions and opinions in the very beginning. It was really you, also, who always talked using English in everything to me, even with me didn't, and even with me skeptically questioned the reason why you always forced yourself to use English seemingly only to me. Aren't that just obvious?

Now. If you did look, if you did listen, and if you did read; YOU, at the end, will be knowing that you yourself are worth ROFLCOPTER-ing around for your own slight imbecility, cause I'm actually a passive side ever since who has NO deal nor loss with all of that. And thus, if you're smart enough, you know that you saying such things are utter ludicrous hence I LOL'ED. SO HARD. TO THAT. SERIOUSLY.

You're a male, aren't you. Stop being so silly.

On another hand, despite of that, I promise myself to keep staying awake and won't sleep over the night for watching my team defeating Australia. Viva Germany!