Monday, June 07, 2010
tedious and grating with. @ 17:45

So. DELUHI's Frontier--which is the first part of the 3 consecutive singles the band planned to be released at 06/07/08--was already leaked yesterday late at midnight, thanks to Arya; though the actual release date is still 9 days remaining, and though I feel a bit ironic albeit I felt surprised at the beginning.

Thus, Juri. What is it with your growling-talking-screaming-singing in the first verse, which I honestly hate, seriously? Not that you started to be annoyingly crappy or a consensus of "heavy means awesome and better than poppy" is unconditionally appropriate, but the said point just doesn't sound good and later eventually pulls down the song, regrettably; although admittedly not by quite much. Thanks a hundred of times to Leda and Sujk for saving your failure after the first verse by the amazing guitar solo and the drummings that are really kick-ass; the rest of the track continues perfectly and pretty flawlessly, hands down; yet I still expect Juri to take an intensive course for retrieving his boyband-ish vocals into his stunning peak like what he had shown in the exquisite, purely ear-fucking Surveillance and that the guys will amaze me more through The Farthest and Departure.

And. By the way. I had a long dream during my nap today, and all that I dreamt was over again concerning us and you.