Thursday, June 03, 2010
An utterly waste of talents. @ 21:28

Though it's been days from the very first time it was happening, though it's ungainly shameful to send you such thing; I still kinda hope a line of "you know I always do." will be sent as a neat reply by you, Saicchi--though it may be only for reassuring.

Though it only gives me a preemptive form of suggesting.

However. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland did fail fairly hard, sadly. Even with the usually stunning and truly mad, but now turned out lamentful Johnny Depp's performance, even with the beautiful effects that were perfectly rendered into the CGI concoctions, even with the great costuming, make-ups, awesome casts depicted in voices and the amusing Helena Bonham Carter's Red Queen, their endeavors was still lacking in a lot of things--particularly in the absurd dialogue, mediocre script, clumsy storyline and whimsical characters and the incredibly dull Alice played by Mia Wasikowska which just proved that every elements arrived in the package lacked all the textures and bites that the writings of Lewis Carroll may have had. With a source material so familiar, even to those whose knowledge is second hand references, there needs to be a degree of innovation since the essentials enchantment has gone away, substituted by dreadfulness; thus IMHO the formula itself clearly needed something twisting and invigorating. The God of World Cinema had probably banished the Burton&Depp golden collaboration--which through decade has been becoming soulless--to the land of marketability where they were forced to contemplate their insatiable greed for the rest of their days; worrying about selling.

And OH, by the way. I'm currently on my way to the 2nd screening of Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island, which is really amazing.