Monday, July 19, 2010
riveting fantard-ism tales. @ 20:11

I'm honestly feeling a tad envious towards Arya-san right now after reading his Live Report on DELUHI's BLITZKRIEG LIVE @ 大阪 MUSE 2010. Not that I'm feeling envious because he was lucky enough to get the front row of the show so that he was able to see the members' clean and kickass performance, no. Not because he, much to my surprise, got an official guitar pick given directly by Leda which he used during the live and gotten an opportunity to say a simple "おおきにledaさん!" either; BUT. To put that aside. To be able to see the real Aggy in person.......


Ah, well. :smacks self prior going all retard:

Anyway, regarding Lycaon's newest single +preview and bassist. Since I neither want myself to be a helplessly stupid fantard similar to those fujoushi who're highly likely squealing insanely over someone they think quite infatuating [OWAAAAAAAA YUUUKIIII UR SO KAWAIII YUUKIII RAEP ME PLIIZ HOW SEXY U R! I CAN IZILY TELL DAT UR NOT WEARIN' ANY UNDERWERZ UNDERNEATH UR TIGHT AND LACED LEATHER PANTS COZ I CAN CLEARLY C UR NAKED HIPS AND THIGHS ON EROS WOOO HONEEYYY YUUKI-KUUUNN KISSZ ME PLZ!!!!! 8(>///o///<)8] nor could I care less with how fucked the aforementioned vocalist [who, sluttily enough, was licking on a white sticky fluids from his hands] and how failed both Satoshi trying to impersonate Slash and that their crappy jazzy VK monster theme had successfully brought them into a whole new level of bad were, but the preview itself.. Terrible. Just terrible, really; and it's gotten to the point of where I don't think the full-length track is gonna make this up, at any rate.

Either way, into a pleasing one; before I went way too far on slapping them: congratulations to lynch. for both signing a major deal and starting their real debut after finishing their latest indies live tour in autumn this year; I've seen this coming. You guys totally deserved it.