Sunday, July 25, 2010
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So. A drama; over again, which this time relates to a polemic owned by Girugamesh made by one of its pure fantard. And which, all over again, fails to at least recreatively amuse me. It started off by some strange scrobblings on last.fm done by several newly registered users as told below:

The first three users: damned7, kyosou_kyoku and kryzyss; who were all registered from 12th to 17th July, 2010 and have only scrobbled 5-16 times are shown to have a track tagged as Girugamesh's A Foolish Mindcore as their recent played. The last one I captured, shadowdio, seems to be only the "real" profile; as it was registered since 6 months ago. Interestingly, all listening data was reset on July 20th, as you might have seen; the same day all the following things happened:
  • A user signed up under the name "shadowdio" at Tainted World forum [as a matter of a fact, he was also ever being a member of the old TW and used the member title "trade only hater" and created a topic "Stuff we'll never see around" to rant about rare stuff that was impossible to get because of people who wouldn't share it]. Minutes later, he signed up another account from the same IP, called "bowwow". Right after registration, he created the request thread for this "A Foolish Mindcore" we're currently talking, an alleged livehouse distributed CD by Girugemash under the name bowwow; a file that he allegedly scrobbled on last.fm often enough to become the Top Listener (under the name shadowdio. It's also highly likely that all the users over the right side on the page who added that track into their library are also A FAKE accounts.) See here: >>Link<<
  • It gets even better. It has been brought to my attention that not long ago somebody edited Girugamesh's wikipedia page to add that release to their discography section. The TW admin, Champ213, soon enough managed to check the revision history to see who inserted the reference to that single. From what she successfully got, the edits were made from an anonymous user only identified by his IP. She checked this IP too and, unsurprisingly, found out that that is from the same city as the user shadowdio/bowwow came from [Buenos Aires, Argentina] and uses the same service provider. Sooo; even if you're helplessly stupid. Isn't it safe to assume that it's the same person again?
[Girugamesh English wikipedia page]
[Girugamesh Japanese wikipedia page]
[Girugamesh Spanish wikipedia page. Two of them were last edited at 23rd July whilst the Japanese one was at 16th July; badly punctuated. It's changed as of now for I had been bluntly editing it. Go check it, fellas.]

All in all. Of course this all doesn't rule out that this single actually exists, but it seems to be highly unlikely that it does, as there is really no good evidence for it yet there is this perfectly neat and tangible explanation given by byou/taemin-san.
They had no live at this day. Also, there are no official sources stating that it was even released, nor there are mentions about any live distributed at members blog. And seriously, just in case if you use your brain properly: they are all poppy now, why should they release a song called mindcore? It won't even cross their mind!
Then, back to the said 'suspect'. It is most possibly that the person in question who created several fake last.fm profiles, edited the wiki page, and made a fake account at Tainted World forum to request a file that doesn't exist, for whatever purpose, is this person addressed himself as shadowdio. The whole story I told you may sound either ridiculous/pathetic/funny/hilarious, whichever, but I at one found this thing to be rather sad and disappointing. To go through this all? Maybe he wants to fap to people requesting something that doesn't exist, or maybe he had planned to upload a fake file at some point, I don't know. Maybe that person shadowdio just bought into a hoax himself, but that doesn't explain why he scrobbled the file at some point and then came here to request it under an alter ego name. It is of course possible that he got a badly tagged file in the first place, but I'd venture to say that Girugamesh is distinctive enough that one would notice a fake file right after the first minute; and then you don't go and scrobble it or modify wikipedia pages. Or, maybe.. Just maybe. Perhaps he wanted to piss off some traders by spreading rumors of some rare Girugamesh file and then try to get people to trade for it? I don't know. Since he's a member of the forum which is most known as one of a primary source of all the interwebs downloading stuffs circle, maybe he wants to explain himself what's behind this. I've edited the related wikipedia pages all by myself as for now out of curiosity; but if you're willing enough to bother yourself in noticing if something like this recurred in the near future, feel free to re-edit it again, just to prevent confusion. It's Girugamesh we all have already known; this most-elaborate-trolling-drama would best work in making people annoyed if it's reputedly done by someone who's fairly really popular. Sadly, people who have/has been putting all the amazing effort into this doing it rather stupidly, thus he was framed quite easily. What an awful, bad-schemed drama.

..next time you try to fool people, please at least be a bit smarter.

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