Sunday, July 25, 2010
..yes, it's shits. @ 09:03


I had told you that I wouldn't be telling you again. My life does, if not all, consist of mostly shits in each seconds where you were in; so please. I beg you. NO MORE SHITS. No more "OH MY GOD PLZ I'M LONELY PLZ COME BACK TO ME LET'S GET MARRIED AGAIIN PLZ I'M NO LONGER THE SAME DEPRAVED PERSON U USED TO KNOOOWWW I LOVE OUR CHLDRENZ PLZZ WE HAD BUILT OUR FAMILY FOR MOAR THAN 23 YEARZ I'M CHANGED FORGIVE MEE DON'T JUST LET IT ENDS LYK DIIIZZZ LET'S JUST TALK ABOUT IT AGAIN FOR AT LEAST THE XXX.XXX.XXXTH TIMEES PLISZ!" BULLSHITS. No more pretending like you've been in a deep remorse if you actually have not. No more going batshit insane once you were rejected. No more threatening my mother, no more coming to our house every single day and silently locking my mother's room when you both were inside for mentally assaulting her and most importantly. NO MORE CURSING ME WITH SUCH SHITS LIKE I WILL BE ENDED UP WITH NO GUYS WILLING TO BE MY SPOUSE OR HUSBAND, God, I DON'T GIVE A FUCKING SHIT TO YOUR LONG IN GIVING A VENT FOR YOUR RAGING ANGER; dammit. No more pointing out at my brother to be my future guardian of wedlock once I get married just because you will never be one if you're still alive, dipshit; you ARE my father, no matter how much I hate you. So, please, I'm begging. Just leave us alone. Just find your own new life. JUST, please, go. With peace. For both our sakes. We're all tired with this shits.

In the meantime.... However. I've just bought a set of shits yesterday evening, due to Mum's demand. And make-up kits and body-treatment stuffs do count as shits. Well.. Thing is, I just went back home from buying those, which I've never bothered myself whether wasting my money for or using [only occasionally; if I really feel the need for applying and in special events where I think it's necessary]; and that's shits.

..so yeah, this entry is shits-abusive.