Friday, July 23, 2010
you're my hero, @ 10:44

and I believe in myself that it's--ignoring the fact that we're not even remotely close to be called 'cyber acquaintances who knows each other'--worth mentioning; even if you've only been doing me favors like 'uploading the whole discography of Phobia I had searched almost everywhere but to find nothing, in Mediafire' and 'granting my topic concerning Merrygoround's obscure goodies'--that's enough.

You're two now officially becoming my heroes, Skidium and elias-san; because so I won't bother asking Sho. And SUBLIMINAL/gensyoku-san too, as well, for upping the rather rare 六合's 宵闇の残光 once I posted a reply in request section. No idea either it's actually hard to get.. Or is it just me not seeking quite thoroughly?

Otherwise, deep inside. I know I'm asking too much.