Saturday, August 21, 2010
hey, you. @ 13:37

...been finishing my shitty-tears fest [read: ESQ] schedule at Wed to Thursday, and given a valid certificate. Been thoughtlessly doing my EPrT and EPT yesterday; although I admit that I do need some miracles if I'm still hoping for >500 pts as my score due to my bleeding head and the lack of sound systems which later caused vague, inaudible and unrepeatable dialogs--not pointing out at the easier Structure and Reading sections--dammit. Been attending my faculty meetings, registering myself at mentoring program as one of religion tasks, planning to check the absence sheet once the Lecture starts just in case if my data is still not listed so that I'll soon report it to the Head of BK again and receiving text from my Lecturer Trustee to arrange a meeting at Monday; whilst Monday is... Gonna suck. Programming Algorithm + practicum [plus bonus with its strictly killer Lecturer, a Senior from HMTI said] and An Introduction to Industrial Engineering FTW, WOOO.

And last,

Screencaps of both of my far-too-straight posts at Japanesia; severely censored. Jaku completely owns. :''D