Sunday, August 15, 2010
now that's what I called what the fuck. @ 22:41

........eh. I just want to sincerely state here that TAINTED WORLD's PROJECT MIXTAPE initiated by CAT5 IS BRILLIANT as hell; even gotten to the point of where I think I might be back and listen to western avant-garde, progressive, [tribal] ambient, dark folk, gothic and metal stuffs again, which I've abandoned for years.

And anyway. Today's planning has just succeeded: Buka Bersama plus Staff Gathering @Metro Indah Mall, Soekarno-Hatta, Bandung; 15th August, 2010. Despite the fact that I wasn't really content with the foods I ordered and that all of my expectations and assumptions completely shattered as I met the real Nyan and Bang Blod, lawl, I'm exceptionally pleased for having meet both of you guys I knew merely through forums and sharing conversations and laughs per face to face; special thanks should've been given to Nyan for driving me home, ++1000 karma to you. 8DDD