Monday, August 16, 2010
wut? @ 11:59

..today's schedule was only a Psikotest, God Genes; the second last test which has just made my hands cramped for like more than 4 and a half hours before I'm going to face the awaited English Proficiency (EPrT) and English Placement Test (EPT), yes. Fuck fucking yes.

So yeah, concerning the previous problems I've already written below. It's been over right now; I've got my NIM and been placed at IE-34-05 for now and the next 4 years already after Mum came directly to the Chief Empress of BK herself. Gotta go to meet my new faculty trustee tomorrow, I suppose, and print this semester's provisional KSM to BAA as it was apparently the main culprit of why I wasn't listed as one of those IE students on the class of 2010 cause it seems like the Officer had forgotten to slip on the paper into my KP document. And probably... Just probably, since college ends up a whole lot earlier; gotta go to another bukber with Deluhi fans Bandung with Nyan at Gokana Teppan, Cihampelas Walk. I don't know; something about it resonates me that it's gonna be annoyingly awkward and that I shouldn't be going at all costs.

..who knows.