Tuesday, August 24, 2010
yeah, so? @ 16:36

Campus' Library event today; been given a subscriber cards, official NIM+KTM, have met Mrs. Luci to tell her that I'm an additional student in her class yesterday and also eventually been listed at the absence sheet [or at least at the latest-updated students' data-recollecting at the Learning Center cause the censor machine could easily identify me through my NIM once I submitted it and I was also written down as one of IE-05 student when I checked the sheet during the Library counseling], fuckyes.

...and today's also my very first time in learning Calculus; how cool is it. And as well my very first time in joining an extracurricular activity, Student English Club [and probably with Japan Genki Community], aside of those organizations which are required in the very first place by filling the application form without much experiences and competition achievements and only relies on my own self-confidence; lol. Have met Reza I know through FB thus far, too, who recognizes me by staring within minutes once Reyhan exclaimed my complete name and is surprisingly my classmate from now and further; and Hilmy, who greeted me while running to escort his friends out of GSG to fetch the latest Religion Class in Monday after taking a single glance, simple pleasures.

So yeah, today's pretty much exciting. And at last... I have a fairly long chat with one of Japanesia user I admittedly grow my fellowship-fondness due to similar perspectives and opinions, kyo!; and I screencaps'ed some parts I think to be highly amusing. :3

..........reduce the offensive amount and mount up the sarcasms; what a brilliant suggestion.