Sunday, September 26, 2010
Death, and Playback. @ 15:19

....so. Y'see; now I know how it feels like when you're having a stress due to the excessive amount of assignments and when, point is, YOU'RE HAVING A CRASH ON YOUR ALGORITHM AND PROGRAMMING QUIZ AND TECHNICAL DRAWING PRACTICUM AND YET THERE'S NO ONE'S WILLING OR ABLE TO TRADE FOR A SCHEDULE-EXCHANGE CAUSE THE WHOLE WEEK ITSELF IS ALREADY FILLED, dammit. And there's also this exasperating Koi-Pond 3D construction task whilst I'll soon be having an AaP Practicum + Mini Group-Exhibition for English Special Class on Tuesday, Calculus Quiz on Thursday--of which I haven't gotten even a single occasion for either preparing/skimming/reading/practicing and Kultum Task for Mentoring on Friday. Still not enough?

...fuck, fucking yes.

So when today I went to college for a schedule-input [merely for being abruptly skipped by the Lab Assistants for no clear reason and ended up given the last number of the queue-list so that my group now is deserted on the black-list sched and torn inbetween, holy shit.] and for giving my preliminary AaP Practicum task, and for discussing how my group's pond's construction should be, a realization hit me as I saw my stoic-self on the mirror. ....that I lack of eating. That I lack of sleeping, and that I extremely lack of structured-learning. I lack of self-practicing where I'm supposed to give an Autodesk Inventor/Turbo Pascal/C++ trials, cause I have only done none. I lack of praying, and reciting the Holy Qur'an. I lack of................. Mostly, anything.

This isn't a troll, but yes. Taking a college at IT Telkom is a plain right knock on your head. Despite being really enjoyable [ENGLISH SPECIAL CLASS' LECTURER FTW. STUDENT ENGLISH CLUB FTW. PERMIB COMPLETELY FUCKING OWNS.], it's so exhausting that you'd wish an extra 500 GB free space of Insulin and an extra 1 TB of cerebellums. And no, I'm not exaggerating things.

........how I want to cut my hair short.