Wednesday, September 15, 2010
hoshit. @ 16:14

One thing that I obviously learned from Holidays, especially a long one, and that I already knew but is still hard to be eluded, is that you're getting even more butthurt as time flies on. As ever.

And that is not good.

No, as long as you're supposed to re-read anything. As long as you're supposed to comprehend subjects which weren't wholly or clearly demonstrated, and which left you dazzled. As long as you're supposed to do tasks which require you to read what you haven't. As long as you're supposed to learn on riding your bike, so that you won't ask your father or brother to drive you on the way to your college. As long as you're supposed to do ALL those housekeeping things, while you haven't done your college-tasks, while you haven't skimmed anything, while you haven't comprehend any of the ItIE/AaP/TD/Cal subjects, and instead you just keep on staring at your monitor and clicking your mouse and being a lazy ass all the time. And just coldly posting an entry, while you yourself haven't invested even a single second for all those things you're supposed to do.

........God, I need to stop.