Wednesday, October 13, 2010
hearts leaping. @ 05:38

There was this oddly similar glimpse I dreamed for the last 2 days; and it always happened to be pretty much alike a 'closing scene' of the whole scraps I saw: where everything paused in a second, went blurry, lights slowly got dimmed, and the curtain called. And the entire recursive disappeared instantaneously as if it were leaving me questioning. And as I was partly awoken, the scenes vaguely replayed itself; chanting its own photographic resonances.

...well, I honestly like it.

Off the top of my head, it was all hue. Everything's orange. The sun was rather leaden, and the sky was crimson. Was it an evening? I don't know. As I somehow regained my body's consciousness, and took control out of myself, one thing that I could only feel was that my foot were bared; and that I stood still in a middle of a spacious grass-filled next to someone whose face I couldn't quite recall; holding each other's hands. I don't know who he is, nor I remember how his face actually looks like; and I'm quite certain that I don't know him in person for we both had previously never met, but he smiled. That boy, who's about in the same age, approximately 5'6" height, lanky-built, medium-cut-and-messy haired, smiled to me. And it felt like a sincere smile one could possibly give, sincerely, with no demands/aims/returns to you. While it was all serene, and while I was frugally content with the given impression that his smile implied an absolute happiness of my presence, I smiled back; and I smiled like I recognized him. Like he was the very one person I waited for years who just came out of nowhere, and I instinctively just knew. I could sense it that my half-parted lips involuntarily drew an austere knot towards him; devoutly responding. I sensed it that his clutch was firmed up as he tightened his grasp, brushing both of my hands with subtle touches for mere words couldn't demonstrate his longing for closeness.

--or should I name it as ours?

For a moment which seemed like an eternity, a chilly wind breezed upon us; delightfully waving our hairs. For a time which flew like centuries, we stared within each other's eyes' depth; lips arching, hearts leaping, and both mouths shut.

His orbs, by all means, clearly revealed a reflection of his tender affection; escorted with a profound amount of an already-redeemed yearning.

And as the needle ticked, silence echoed down. And as everything went darkened, in all of a sudden, I leaned forward, closer; and I unhesitatingly hugged him by his shoulders. There was no sound or movements at all but the foliage rubbed against the air and my own breath; and my foot scraping the ground, and our heartbeats unified as one. Despite being rather flattered at first, he soon stepped the more nearer to me, erasing the remaining distance; knitting his chest into mine, and gently caressing my hair. He brought my body sinking into his embrace, still without words.................. And he hugged me back like he'll never let me go. And I could feel him smiling, simply, and whispering, "I'm happy we finally met.", and nestling his figure tautly; along with saying "I'm happy that we're finally together.". I snuck my head off his neck. Closing my sight, smelling his scent through his unclothed, exposed skin; I saw the reeds hovering in harmony and felt the mixture between the long-awaited warmth and bliss bursting inside me, while speaking, "I'm glad you're now here."

Then boundaries crushed.

Then whatever fitted the terminology of duration and distance were dissolved into ashes, wiped out off into nothingness.

And the sun dead. And everything went dark. And at the time it was fading, and this dream completely disappeared, I woke up; exhaling and inhaling regularly, frantically inquiring. As if it were an invoking sign for me to be kept. Or struggling to be a sort of 'future vision'.........
A sweet one, I may say.

I'd like to see this dream again.