Tuesday, November 02, 2010
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Mid Term Exam has just been ended, thank God, although I still have to wait for the results and this so-awesome-Campus where I'm currently studying still shines its glory and won't let me taking a short break, even just for a day. I'm still obliged to go to Campus and having a regular lecturer tomorrow and, probably.... Starting to ride myself all the way to it without any driving license. My Father's sick, and so is my my Brother, and I'm too lazy to go on a public transportation. Concerning the safety which has made traumatized; the cost, which is an utter waste since I really need to save money, and the required time which takes me within such distance with 7 AM as the fucking deadline. Even if I still have no idea on how to turn the machine on and off and how to put it properly on a parking lot.

...so yeah.

Despite deeming Religion I had on Tuesday as a rather successful leap, and whilst Algorithm and Programming I had on Monday being fairly okay--though doubtful--which is slightly assuring; there was this Calculus at Wednesday which I've done pretty recklessly due to over confidence or, most possibly, it's way appropriate if I call it as 'dumb over-confidence + snobbish fatuity'. Say goodbye at the 3rd point, where I was incapable of implementing the actual concept of implicit differentiation combined with trigonometry and determining the final straight line equation. Say 'see you' to the 2nd point of the task, which was hesitating. Wave a parting 'farewell, majesty' to the 5th point, since I left the first option on a huge failure by claiming that the graph has a down-monotone point  on (~ , -1) where it actually HAS NONE. Take a look at its quadrate, gdit. It was all an up-monotone, self; thus there was no sign transition from (-1) AND no maximum-local point for (-1, f(-1)) cause it's actually one of the concavity-point I disobeyed to write at the 2nd option. Later, what seemed to be really simple actually gave a big impact for the majorly-wrong graphic for the arrows' direction was wrong; and hell, I kept on being careless by skipping the third option just because there were no vertical/horizontal/oblique asymptots and so there's no need to write it down even after having been previously warned that it's always been examined in parallel system. WTF, so many mistakes. WTF. WHAT THE FUCK.

#save this spot for fidgeting and making herself calm

I'll just keep for myself anything that happened in Thursday, regarding the allowance for not rolling into the English Class Exam; and I'll also skip the bumbling-blabbering part for Technical Drawing I had on Saturday since the hatred tank has already been emptied, thanks. An Introduction to Industrial Engineering at Monday, November 1, was somehow blissful, remembering how nice my ability in arguing and providing persuasive explanations is--despite being so noisy up until I was remarked by the supervisor and threatened by the fact that I was gonna be reported for the charge of cheating, although I didn't. I also did forget to re-read my latest individual paper concerning the problematic faced in IE and it was asked in Number 3, dammit. Today's Environmental Introductory was also really good for the questions WERE EXACTLY ALL THE SAME with the previous year's, which I skimmed; and hours later on the afternoon:


I've done my very first transaction via ATM after getting my Silver Card, hoorraaayy!!! #thrownbytomatoes

I was really confused on how to use the ATM properly, with all honesty; and I only stood in front of the booth for like half an hour, staring at the machine like an ancient, primordial Homo Sapiens looking at an outerspace box with a shiny blue-board filled with robotic scratches and slots which can produce doodled papers, observing the correct position of the card when it was entered, and let myself preceded by people who were queuing behind me. #shrugs that said, it's my actual first card I'm permitted to own for this-more-than-18-years-since-I-first-stepped-on-life, and I had always used my mum's for everything I need to transfer due to pre-ordering stuffs like clothes and hobbies-related online--even if it usually left me grounded afterward, lol.

And thus, by that, Mid Term Exams have been officially done, and all lectures are paced up, assignments are lining, and tomorrow I'm gonna see the results at C Building. With a real trembling body.

Strengthen me, God.

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